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Originally Posted by Oling_Roachinen View Post
You're comparing a player that scored 19 goals to one that scored 40 goals. Give me the 40 goal scorer.
No I get it but Skinner was basically a 20 goal scorer in the second half. Not sure he is actually a 40 goal guy going forward, he just rode an incredible hot streak in the first half to an abomination of a contract. Eberle also had a down year, should be good for 25+ a year normally. Skinner will probably get 7-10 more goals than him in a normal year, don't make it sound like Skinner is 2x the player because of one half a season. Wouldn't take Skinner's contract for free if I was a rival GM, he's just not that good. It will be untradeable sooner than people realize imo.
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good signing for NYI... was hoping Calgary would try to make a play, but Ellerbe probably thinks the NYI's will contend with Trotz at the helm
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Fair for both sides. Wanted him here though
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