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Default Roky Erickson dead at 71

Crap, another legend gone. I love the 13th Floor Elevators. They were one of the best psych bands ever.

It's a chilling coincidence when two artists with songs called "You're Gonna Miss Me" die a day apart.

His solo and collaborative work were great as well.

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Another good one from 13th Floor Elevators. I loved it when True Detective used this song in S1. The vibe is so perfect for that show.

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Beyond the 13th Floor Elevators, his solo stuff is great. Really sad to hear this.
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Yes, sad to hear Roky has passed. I got into the 13th Floor Elevators in high school. I still remember buying the Easter Everywhere/Bull of the Woods CD, which was a French import with two LPs on one CD. It was $29 at The Record Store, which was located at the time on the lobby level of Stratford Towers apartment building on 17th Ave, which was a few blocks away from my high school. The cost of that CD was equivalent to two nights working as a bus boy so it was a big spend but I couldn't find 13th Floor Elevators anywhere else in the city. This was around 1988 and there wasn't the same cultish following around Roky as there is today (or at least the cult following was just starting in 1988) so it was not easy to find 13th Floor Elevators stuff. But I love this CD. I still have it -- it's sitting in front my my keyboard as I type this. The CD opens with "Slip Inside This House" and I was in love.

It's amazing to me that Easter Everywhere was a 21 year-old record when I purchased it. When I played it back in '88, it sounded like lost sounds from the far distant past. So it's amazing to think that Neutral Milk Hotel's In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, which was clearly influenced by Roky, is the same age today as Easter Everywhere was when I purchased it in 1988.

Anyway, a couple years later, I bought the Where the Pyramid Meets the Eye tribute album. That is a great tribute album if you've never heard it.

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