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Originally Posted by direwolf View Post
Stewart is an executive producer, and from what I've read there are several different writers contributing to the series, none of which are Kurtzman. Also, Stewart apparently had a pretty big voice in the writing process. That gives me hope that this show will be decent.
I hope this is true, cuz it def made my day
How 'bout them Bombers??

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Originally Posted by Locke View Post
Hey, they made Janeway an Admiral so that should count for something.
They did the same with Kirk. They had to get those menaces out of the chair and into a board room where they could do less damage.

Picard is the best Captain, and that's why they left him in the chair, so he could keep Captaining, cause he was so good at it.

That being said, he's only the best Captain who was a principle cast member.
If we are talking the best Captain in Starfleet, well obviously that was DeSoto.
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Benjamin Lafayette "Don't **** With" Sisko was too good, so they had to make him a non-corporeal life form, otherwise he'd be out there kicking ass and taking names with the U.S.S. Ben-Sisko's-mutha****in'-pimp-hand Defiant.
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They should come out with Picard Wines as a cross promotion to the show.
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