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Originally Posted by Wormius View Post
Trials for the win. Half of TNGs episodes were trials, either due to Wesley mischief, Data creating a new forms, or Picard presiding over some dispute.
Damn straight, and boy am I glad they're going back to it.
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They really have to ditch the Burnham for everything nonsense. This episode it revolved around her, the ridiculous story of her being Spocks sister, and her mom. I'm actually surprise dot hear people enjoyed this episode, it felt like one I'd never want to watch ever again.

I think one of the issues around Discovery is that they managed to shrink the galaxy so much. Instant travel makes distances irrelevant. Burnham is tied to every event in the galaxy, so stories feel small. There is no exploration, only visiting places they know, or have a relation to. We've jumped 1000 years in the future, and it's the same old same old. No expansion into new aliens, just a rehash of old grievances. It's weird to give them such a huge new vista, then bundle it all back up.

Also, The Burn..Burnham. Coincidence? probably not. Gotta have her name tied to the biggest even in history, too.
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I think that its an actual interesting story point that the galaxy has actually shrunk and there's no exploration happening, and really the Federation is just trying to survive and are pretty much flailing out desperately to retain their relevance.

Its almost like the Medieval dark ages where very little science happened, and even the tech upgrades they've got are not earth shattering, the personal transporter, the new control systems, the detached nacelles for added maneuverability.

These to me, aren't really anything but minor or cosmetic changes. Think Windows whatever it is vs Windows 1.0.

The only thing that to me is missing and they should have had was the rise of authoritarianism as the Federation declined.

Frankly, you'd think that the race to a new method of travel would actually be a dire threat, if someone like the Klingons or Gorn or Breen figured it out.

I guess my question is, I don't think the Borg used dilithium in their transwarp conduits. They should be all over this. The Dominion is across the galaxy in another Quadrant, would the Burn have effected them?
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Originally Posted by pseudoreality View Post
There was a plot-line in late TNG episodes about warp drive damaging space. Did they fix that somehow with non-damaging engines? I don't remember. If not, that could be motivation for someone to blow-up dilithium and ships travelling at warp.
Intrepid class ships debuted variable geometry nacelles (they sort of fold up right before warp) which allowed them to travel without damaging subspace so much. I think they eventually figured out how to clean up the warp bubble without the shifty nacelles by the time Sovereigns were on active duty.

I still think it's weird that dilithium becoming unavailable completely halted the UFP's ability to travel. alternatives like Romulan artificial singularities might not be as reliable (you might attract non-corporeal aliens looking for a nursery) but you'd think they'd try one of those out. the Burn happened so far in the future from regular Star Trek, you'd think the UFP would have observed or discovered even more different methods of FTL with their own power options.
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