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Default MemoryExpress IPR

Anyone here have any recent experience with getting a full replacement through a MemEx IPR?

I've had a laptop in for 12 days now (7 business days) but was told it would be 5 bd, max, and that I was the only IPR in for repairs so it would be made a priority. The website says if they can't fix it in 5, they'll give you a replacement.

It's waiting for a fan. But that's the same answer when I went in on Tuesday. No ETA. I work from my computer, so I really need one back.

The guy at the repair desk was phenomenal, so no complaints there, but I'm wondering if I should just be insisting on a full replacement or if they'll just try to screw me over with a crap replacement. Google seems to be hit and miss for answers and includes mostly reviews about Edmonton locations.

Just curious if anyone's had good or bad experiences trying to have them honor the IPR and what to expect when I go in to ask for a full replacement.

Edit: nm. I went in today to speak with them and should have an answer by tomorrow.

Edit to Update: I'm disgustingly happy with the process and was given a full replacement.
Because my model was no longer made, they gave me a different one, with a faster ssd and gpu, better graphics card, doubled my ram from 8 to 16 and upgraded to quad core.
Super happy and my IPR is still good until the remainder of the initial purchase point, so I still have about 2.5 years left of coverage on this one.

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