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Thumbs down Dual Monitor Help!

Hi guys, I just formatted some drives and did a clean install of windows. I have been using a dual monitor set up one using dvi and the other using HDMI and haven't had an issue. Once I formatted everything boots up fine, both monitors are on and displaying but as soon as I get to the windows login screen one disappears. The second monitor doesn't show up in device manager. I've updated all drivers and still cant figure out what is going on. In safe mode, it also displays both monitors. I'm using rx 470 card. I'm assuming its a windows issue as it doesn't detect the second monitor but I'm completely stumped.

Edit: I also reinstalled windows and had one monitor unplugged then plugged the other in after login. Monitor one stayed on for about 30 seconds before switching over to monitor 2.

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Not sure if this is still an issue, but it sounds more like a driver issue to me. Both these monitors are plugged into the Radeon?

The AMD software usually has an app for configuring things. That's the first place I'd look, especially since it works in safe mode. Safe mode only loads the bare minimum of drivers and none of the "startup" stuff, so it sounds like the issue is somewhere in there. But the AMD software that usually comes with the drivers is the first think I would try.
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I've been mulling it over the last few days and I can't figure out why the second monitor would display in safe mode but not normal. Unless there's something wrong with the Radeon software you installed?

(But you said you had the latest updates and drivers, so I don't know)

Loose cables/have you tried restarting the computer?
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I have had that issue with a third monitor, never a second though. What I have to do, and this takes a few tries, is boot without the second monitor plugged in, get to windows, then try plugging it in and see if it is detected. If not, do a full shutdown with it plugged in. This time it should work properly. It's on an AMD card as well.
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