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FIBA to introduce FIFA-style world cup and olympic qualifying.
NBA will not release their players for an international window like soccer does.

Canada is screwed.
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Been in the works for a while but yeah, it screws NBA-heavy Canada more than any other country.

That said, Canada's sub-NBA talent is also the best it's ever been, and assuming they can secure their release, there's no reason that a team composed of guys like Heslip, Ejim, the Bachynksis, the other Josephs, Pangos, Cadougan, Hanlan, Pierre, Birch, Webster-Chan, Jankovic, Notice, etc. shouldn't be good enough to finish top 7 in the Americas. Current NCAA players may be available for some of those tournaments as well, depending on how the windows work out (2 of the 6 windows will be in the summer). If they can finish top 7, then the NBA players can show up for the Worlds, and if they can finish in the top 2 of Americas teams there (so, behind the US but ahead of Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, etc.), they get a spot in the Olympics. Definitely a tough road though.
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So this happened....

I would also say RJ Barrett is going to be even more hyped than Wiggins was, and that the Raps are positioning themselves well to "Suck #### for Barrett" in 2019-2020.
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It would suck if they tank the 19-20 season and RJ goes 1st overall in 2019.
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