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Default LF: dishwasher repair person

Hello CP,

I have a dishwasher that is not filling with water. My Internet diagnostics have offered a few options for causes, but I cannot pinpoint the problem.

Water pump?

A more trained eye would REALLY help me determine the cause and help me do the repair.

Please text me at 5878997708 to help! (Payment offered, of course!!)
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I'm having the exact same problem (dishwasher doesn't fill, only spits out some steam). Please PM me.

Also the dishwasher is pushing 9 years old, considering just hucking the whole thing and replacing it.
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Has an issue recently as well. The repair didn’t have warranty and exceeded 50 % of the cost of a new dishwasher with a warranty.

This is dishwasher 3 in 15 years . All different brands and all manufacturing guilty of the same thing in my repair guys opinion and mine as a furnace guy “planned obsolescence “!!
My folks dishwasher is 27 years old and still works.
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