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Originally Posted by OldDutch View Post
Is that a guy surfing? Reminds me of the 2013 flood. We lived off the bow and you couldn’t pay me a million to jump in. Yet dudes were kayaking down it.

I have unhealthy fear of water despite being a string swimmer. It kept me alive.
#### yeah! Big swells and offshore winds, those can be the best days!
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Wanted to throw in the old "Fiona!" Scream from eurotrip but it's hard to find.
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Originally Posted by Maritime Q-Scout View Post
We made out ok.

Basement is dry.

The trees branches that fell, fell away from the house. The tree that fell, was one we wanted to take down anyway.

No power. Estimated time of restoration is Thursday.

I had at least 3 alerts on my phone to shelter in place.

Neighbors across the street had shingles blown off their roof, they were up at 10am patching. They're on the roof again as I type this.

Of the neighbors I've spoken to no real damage or issues. Just no electricity.

Same for my parents and in-laws.

Lots of trees down across the street from my inlaws in Glace Bay.

The lack of coffee I'm finding difficult but what can you do? Never occurred to me to pick up instant coffee.

The mobile data is poor. I have to be outside by the road for it to work (hence the lack of updates).

If my pictures upload to Facebook, I'll post them here.

The kids are having fun. Oldest complains there's no iPad but is otherwise fine entertaining himself.

Off to boil some water on the BBQ.

We're safe, warm and dry.

If someone wants to UberEats me a coffee, I take it black.
Make cowboy coffee on the BBQ.
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