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Default Editing Long Video Clips

Pretty newbie question here. I started taking a video of my tennis sessions, so after we're done, we're left with a 2 hour clip of everything.

What is the easiest way to basically chop up and cut out all of the useless parts (picking up balls, breaks etc.) so that I am left with just the tennis?

Basically just need to delete chunks of frames every little while. What I'm envisioning is basically I watch the entire thing and just click a button every time I want to start cutting, and then click a button to stop cutting - does such software exist?
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Microsoft movie maker, plus its free, and if all you want to do is simple editing, cutting cropping, adding music and effects its all you need.
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Also consider using Kdenlive

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If you're running Windows 10, Microsoft no longer supports Windows Movie Maker. For some reason, they've integrated its functionality into the Photos app.
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