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Originally Posted by MikeN View Post
Hey guys,

I am moving back to Calgary next month from Priddis, and will be getting high speed internet for the first time in 6 years (yay)

The area I am in can get Telus 50 and shaw 50, but who is better to go with? or is there really no difference.

I prefer Telus. I also think over the years they've always had better and more consistently customer-friendly policies regarding things like throttling and privacy. Their tech guys have always been solid when they need to drop in and do something, too.

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I'll be shopping around in July when my Shaw 150 comes up for renewal- As to the door to door salesmen for Telus, Marketplace did a show about them recently about Bell in Ontario-

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Just looked yesterday at my usage, and noticed that Shaw now states unlimited for the 150 plan. I know it was always kind of unofficial, but apparently its advertised as unlimited data now. Keeping all of us cord cutters happy I guess
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My new house has fibre running to it, but stupid Telus hasn't bothered to hook up the fibre to the box for the community. So the fastest we can get with them is 50 Mbps, BUT the Ms. likes their Optik TV, so we have to keep that.

Still sticking with Shaw for my interwebs, since I use their unlimited 150 Mbps (which typically bursts to 170 Mbps anyway).

Maybe I'll connect the Telus AND Shaw to the router and run a dual-WAN setup.
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Marketplace did a show about them recently about Bell in Ontario
Bell is the Devil. None of them are perfect but Bell is, by far, the worst. I've seen more negative stories of them in the news than any of the others by quite a margin.
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