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Very sorry for your loss.
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Has anyone used Paws to Rest for their ‘Quality of Life’ consultation or euthanasia. Beyond the in-home visit, any different than you may expect from a usual vet?

Long story short, my guy needs some pain killers and we might be looking at next to zero hind capacity soon. He’s has a bad leg his whole life, and I knew from an early age that his hip/leg/knee would all get arthritic and lame. He’s been managing well with diet supplements, CBD, and Deramaxx (very) rarely given as needed. The last few days he’s been panting more, finally whimpered last night while trying to sleep and really broke my heart.

Aside from kicking myself wondering if maybe I should have been dosing him more with the meds, or ifs he’s always been in so much pain, or did I save him from organ damage years ago etc etc I think it’s time to just load him up on the meds and see if he can get back to being able to sit down.

Just so friggin stressed that he might be suffering now for no reason, if this is just how it’s going to be for him. Vet tomorrow no doubt.

Honour also paid to Ron, my cat. 8 years, the little guy grew into one hell of a big cat with a big attitude. He grew up thinking my dog was his mom or something; that cat was damn near attached at the hip to him. From just a kitten he’d sit at the window meowing at the dog, until I finally let him loose. From there on, Ron lived like a badass tomcat, and all my immediate neighbours gave him treats and let him in.
I haven’t seen him for a month now; it’s weird, it’s almost like he knew his dog wasn’t going to be around much longer and decided ‘#### that’.
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Sorry. I haven't used that service. Your vet should know your dog pretty well and has access to all his medical history. This is always the worst part of pet guardianship but I have always been so grateful that I could stop end of life suffering and give my loved ones a dignified and loving end. Good luck and I hope Ron comes back.

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