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Originally Posted by Kasi View Post
So what exactly is the NCAA plan for COVID? It seems to be just wait til people get sick and suspend games til they’re not sick. It seems like whatever plans they have for actually stopping people from getting it in the first place just aren’t working. (Compared to hockey, basketball or heck even baseball)

Anyway I think this shows there was never really a prevention plan here just a treatment plan. Which I think could open them to lawsuits and such down the line because it seems clear the danger was never really cared about here, only the perception of danger.
Much of it can be found here. Keep in mind the NCAA only comes up with guidelines for when/how sport can return to play. The decision as to how that actually happens (if at all) is left tp the individual conferences and the FBS level. So you had some conferences decide to play (Big12, SEC, ACC) while others are not playing at all. Still others decided not to play but have since changed their minds and are returning (Mtn West, Big10, PAC12 etc.) Each of these conferences has a plan of it's own (testing etc.) and some teams go beyond those minimum numbers.

But ultimately for football the NCAA doesn't have a lot of say at the FBS level other than saying yes or no to actually allowing practices and games.
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