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Originally Posted by theTrumanShow View Post
Awesome analogy. Makes zero sense comparably, but keep up the good work. Make sure you don't forget your masks and gloves when you are driving by yourself in the car.
Originally Posted by theTrumanShow View Post
So by me saying there is nothing to be afraid of you try and slander me because I question your own irrational fear?

No wonder most threads in CP deteriorate into basement dwellers making stupid suggestions for Treliving to make.
You got it right on, dude, this whole thing is a plandemic and we're all gonna be fine. Totally irrational to fear anything. Call me when a thousand five thousand 10 thousand 100 thousand a million two million people are dead, am I right?

Seriously though I hope you are trolling and aren't actually as selfish and disregardful of the concept of safety as your attitude in this thread suggests.
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Originally Posted by theTrumanShow View Post
Cool story bro. Just stay home and hide.
It's not a story, bro, it was answering your question.

I also am not staying home and hiding, I am doing all I can to ensure the safety of me and my family, while living as close to a "normal" life as I am comfortable with, taking into account the effect my choices have on others who cannot make those choices themselves.

Everyone is affected by different things, and having children who spent time in NICU most certainly changed my outlook on a lot of things.

This is not meant to be an insult, but you come across as quite immature and selfish in your response, and you will likely (hopefully) change how you feel about others as you mature.
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Lol this guy is pure troll, look at his post history ^
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