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Good offensive talent, but I am not sure where he would fit-in on the Flames.

Top line? Gaudreau likes to handle the puck there, and that line seems to need more size and ability along the boards, and if not that, a stronger defensive player to help Gaudreau and Monahan freewheel a bit more.

2nd line? Well, Flames use the 2nd line as the shut-down line, so he wouldn't fit there.

3rd line? 5 million for a third line player starts to get pricey. Dube-Bennett-Dadanov might make a good line, but it seems like a lot to spend on a 3rd line winger.

I like the player and he is fun to watch, but I don't think he was a good fit for Calgary. I can see why Calgary was probably never interested (not that I have heard anywhere anyway).
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He's a very good offensive player. He'll be full value for the offensive zone for that contract. He's not very good defensively. He tries, but he doesn't have the awareness or the skills for the other two zones.

Perfect for a rebuilding team like Ottawa. Adds some excitement and offensive flair.
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