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Oil Stain
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Originally Posted by Oling_Roachinen View Post
Sorry if posted elsewhere.

Here's an article on a minority being assaulted in our own backyard (well garbage dump):

Eight Edmonton police assault a person shopping. Punching him in the face, putting a bag on his head and hogtieing him while he yells out that he can't breath. Oh yeah, and an officer wiped his boots on his face.

Worse, the person who was merely trying to record was clearly prevented by doing so by multiple officers. Then he was arrested and charged for obstruction.

So what did the original guy do? Must be pretty heinous to have eight officers rush him like that.

Nothing. Someone swapped plates with him. Shopping while (part) Black.
The Edmonton Police force is garbage.

Someone I know closely was assaulted by them when in handcuffs as a young 20 something. He was being rowdy and was just going to spend the night in the tank. They had him cuffed in the back of the police van, took him out in a back alley and slammed him to the ground and tasered him before putting him back.

Another guy I know got charged with assaulting the Police. $10k later and his lawyer pulled the club CC TV. He plead guilty to some misdemeanor despite the camera showing him not doing anything. He just wanted it to be over after it hanging over his head for a year.

Another guy I know who worked in security was subduing a suspect with a colleague. They had the perp under wraps but the guy was still struggling a bit. They were going to release him to the police. The officer ran up and superman punched the suspect in the face to "subdue" him despite him being quite under control according to the storyteller.

Pretty scummy stuff in my view. I hang with a crowd that generally doesn't have run ins with police. Makes you wonder how much more is happening that no one knows about.

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afc wimbledon
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Originally Posted by Yoho View Post
Scum bag? For trying to be professional giving privacy to assailant and arresting officers?
Deserves to be fired?
Lol I would love someone to follow you around at work with a recording device and see how long it would take to get you fired for incompetence.
The incompetent should be fired, especially if they are cops, if someone filming them shows them being incompetent dont you want them fired for Christ sake?
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