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Originally Posted by GGG View Post
I think I would wait a few months to get my life in order to be ready to get that much money. An investment plan before everyone you know has an idea on how you should invest. Decide who you will gift money to.

That or I would by 49 million in 1 yr bonds and give myself a million for the first year. I don’t think you want all that money all at once. The lottery winners going bankrupt is way to common.
First step for me would be to put half into some kind of low risk investment. You could live a very comfortable life on the interest alone, and it would always be there as a safety net. Then you could get more creative and philanthropic with the other half
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Originally Posted by DownhillGoat View Post
While I'd wait to access the cash, I wouldn't want to run the risk of getting hit by a bus first. That ticket would get cashed on day one, and then put in a short term locked account until I came up with a game plan.
OR: You cash out your ticket and your heir hits you with a bus...
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