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Default Need some Advice the thread states, I'm in need of some advice.

I have a spare computer kicking around my house, and I'm struggling to find a use for it. This is my current computing setup:

1 Gaming Tower.
2 NAS' with media stored on them in RAID 1 and RAID 10 respectively.

The Machine specs are as follows(Won't have much details, it's not on right now):

Dual Xeon E5 CPU's
Quadro GPU
Tesla GPU
Windows 10 Pro

Someone said to turn it into a Media Server, but because I already have all my media on the NAS' I feel like it would be a waste.

Any thoughts of what I could use this machine for?
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I don't know your full specs, but are you able to make it into a Hackintosh?

I'm in a similar boat, I've got an old HP XW8600 with 64GB ram, SSD, 1TB data drive, etc, and one of the things I'm considering is that.
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Watch the "Alberta Ram Dealers Post-Game Show" hosted by Brendan Parker on Youtube. It's usually quite good.
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