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Jiri Hrdina
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Default Roster/line-up reminders

A few reminders heading into the playoffs.

This league largely runs on the honor system, whereby we trust that GMs are dressing legal rosters (18 skaters and 2 goalies), are dressing only players that are on their CPHL roster, and playing them in the positions for which they are allowed.

As we start the playoffs this is extra important so the game is being played as evenly and fairly as possible.

One of the things that consistently trips GMs up is if they submit a line-up where a player is injured, as at that point the Sim goes nuts and just dresses everyone or a random group of players.

So a few things
- ALWAYS download a new roster file each day
- ALWAYS save and submit new line files each day.
- DO NOT simply re-forward you email from the day before.

I sincerely believe no one ever has the intent to cheat (though we had some of that a few years ago), but it isn't fair when some teams pay strict attention and adhere to this and others don't.

So let's all give it extra focus in the playoffs yes?
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