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Originally Posted by Cheese View Post
The plan looks ok until you add the 10$ for calling the USA...and thats limited to 1000 minutes. Seems like thats how they get you at Koodo, add-ons.
Just call using whatsapp! It works great
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Originally Posted by Jason14h View Post
Just call using whatsapp! It works great
I'd love to.. Hopefully one day, but VPs don't like calling on WhatsApp too much.. Plus it works like #### in the country.
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Just never use Bell, ever. They may have a decent network but they are lying scum.
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I have been with Freedom Mobile (Wind) for years now and I couldn't be happier with everything. Certain things have changed for the worse ever since Shaw picked them up but other things like network quality have also improved a lot with Shaw's increased spending on network quality.

Their network is approx 85-90% of the quality of the Big 3 within their "Freedom" Network but generally speaking 30-50% cheaper than other comparable plans. Keep in mind that the savings are each and every month. Some people brush off the savings of $60 a month for a couple as nothing but its $3600 in 5 years, not chump change, more like a European vacation.

I am lucky in the sense I had a Shaw Friends and Family code (35% off plans) so I pay $32.50 for their grandfathered Everywhere 50 which includes.

Home Network
8GB full-speed data (6GB + 2GB bonus)
Unlimited talk to Canada and the U.S.
Unlimited text, picture and video messaging to Canada and the U.S.
Unlimited global text, picture and video messaging
World Saver: International calling from 1˘/min to over 200 countries

Away Network (in Canada and the U.S.)
1GB full-speed data
2400 minutes of talk to Canada and the U.S.
Unlimited global text

Additional Plan Features
Call Control (Caller ID, Missed Call Alerts, Conference Calling, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting)

The big savings with the above mentioned plan when it was offered was the roaming package in the US included. That is a savings every time you travel to the US. With a lot of the plans now with Freedom and even the other carriers, it's always the same "Roam like Home for $5, $7,$10 a day" etc
Multiple trips a year and the savings really add up in my opinion.

Like I said before, they have a fairly good network and it's always improving and the cost savings can be significant when all things are considered. This all being said, if my career or my job needed to have a vastly superior network quality because a missed call, email, or internet speed etc cost me a sale or a client, I would think differently perhaps. A missed call or a text from a friend once in a while isn't that important for some but the same for a client or a sale where thousands in commission might be at stake, I would think about it.

Just my $.02 on a long post
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Wife needs a new phone (like going Samsung Note 10). Currently with Freedom, but she inexplicably still has a number of dropped calls. We're also tired of "roaming" when outside of Calgary.
Mainly stuck with Freedom for the monthly rates of plans.

Any updated recommendations on providers to consider and what plans to look at? Thanks!
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I've been with Koodo for 2 yrs now and still happy with them. I currently have a BYOD plan. I check the self serve section from time to time as they have decent promotional offers that pop up. Started with 3 Gig of data, unltd mins Canada wide and unltd global texts for $55/mnth. Right now I have 6 gig, 500 daytime minutes Canada wide and unltd global texts. Sacrificed unltd daytime minutes to 500 daytime for the 6 gig of data. Very worthwhile tradeoff IMO. Still get unltd evenings and weekends.

Price has been the same every month.

If you want dirt cheap, check Public Mobile. Online only, no stores but they also run off the Telus network.

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Been happy with Freedom for a while, but a big part of that is the $37.50 / month I pay on the Friends and Family plan for 10GB. At first it was a bit frustrating (some missed calls and texts, some spots that were iffy reception) but they've improved for me over time.

Was looking at Public Mobile as I want a cheap plan for my kid.
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I recently moved from freedom after 10 years of no loyalty promotions.

Currently with Lucky on a BYOD

There's a few promos that stack too. I'd love to be your referral if you wanna PM me.
$20 Dollarama promotion:
$25 Referral promotion valid before month end:
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Check out Public Mobile as well. Same coverage as Telus.

You'll notice they have "3G plans" which are actually 4G connection capped at 3Mbps. I've been with them for about a year now ($45/6.5GB) and don't notice much difference with the speed.
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Been with Koodo for a few years now, also BYOD, migrated from a Bell 6gb legacy plan when Koodo had 5gb plans, then got the 10gb plan December a couple years back now and have clung to it. Will take a legit unlimited option to get me to pay more than the $60/month I do now for unlimited everything and 10gb of data.
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