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Originally Posted by Hemi-Cuda View Post
I first got into Star Trek with Voyager (ya, I know...), then delved into DS9 and absolutely devoured it. When I tried to get into TNG after that I just couldn't, the writing and acting of everyone save Picard just didn't compare to DS9. I really liked how in the latter there wasn't a made-up science solution for everything, they didn't have a magical deflector array to solve all of their problems. Sometimes the DS9 crew just lost and had to deal with the aftermath, it made the series have some real weight to it instead of every episode ending with a reset so they could have a clean slate for the next
I really liked many episodes of TNG, but the series as a whole definitely suffers from old school TV formatting issues. It has a ton of filler episodes, with 26 episodes per season, and yes, doesn't have too many episodes that form a coherent story arc that lasts for more than a few episodes.

Can you imagine if this new Picard show was structured in a similar way. Entire episodes devoted to characters going on dates or encountering tribbles.
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fueled by a bit of crazy.

I love Shatner, one of his best spots was showing up for the tribute to George Lucas.

There are brave men outside of our gates, lets go kill them
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