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I wonder if this is actually even an advantage, Sure it may make it easier if we were a bubble team fighting to actually make the playoffs, but barring a monumental collapse the Flames are pretty much a lock already. I would almost rather have them facing tough opposition and getting geared up for the style of play the will see in the playoffs than mailing in some of the games down the stretch because the quality of the opposition allows them to. This team does have a tendency to play to the level of the opposition and I don't want to see them cruising into the first round thinking it's going to be easy.
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Now is really when the "easiest" schedule begins. When this thread was posted, the Flames next five games were two against teams fighting for a wild card spot and three against teams solidly in the playoffs.

From here on out, the Flames have 13 games left, 8 are at home. Only 2 are against teams that are securely in a playoff spot, and 2 more are against teams in the wild card race. All the rest are against teams that are realistically out of the hunt.
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That travel map shows the absurd amount of kilometers this team just went through. Looks like it really quiets down now and we stay firmly in our time zone and a couple small trips to the west coast.
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