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Default Evander Kane's announces death of unborn child

So very sad. I remember when this happened to Stajan and his wife and how awful I felt for them then. Feel the same way for Kane, no one should have to feel the pain of losing a child.

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My deepest, most sincere condolences to Evander and his family. I was 7 when I lost my infant sister Alice at 7 months old. She died due to maturation complications after an extremely premature birth. I will never forget my Dad singing to her after she’d passed and being in the room with my whole family. sang a recital 2 years ago for the foundation that my parents set up in her name; it was extremely tough. I can only imagine how he and his partner feel. My heart goes out to the Kane family. Rest easy, little one.

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Oh man. Terrible news. Really hope the Kanes can find the support they need after this. Can't imagine what it must be like.
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Originally Posted by undercoverbrother View Post
Miscarriages can be very difficult. The female can often feel responsible, even when they have done everything "right" with their pregnancy.

As far along as they were its really tough, they were getting into the viable range. I know at least 1 family that successfully made it through from a late 20s or early 30s weeks birth if there son as healthy as they could have possibly hoped.

But I also think it should be a much more open conversation about how hard it is to successfully get to term. If you include 1st month over half of all pregnancies are unsuccessful, a big chunk beyond that have preterm complications, and assigning fault to anyone is just not the right way to understand whats happening here.

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That’s soul crushing and I hope they can get the support they need. Our son is at 27 weeks and the just reading this thread was hard enough. I feel for them.
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I hope that Evander and his wife can find a way to pull through this and come out stronger on the other side. Absolutely devastating loss.
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I will try to remember this when I am otherwise filled with hate towards him when we play San Jose. It can be funny how dehumanizing sports can be sometimes.

My wife and I lost our first child after years of trying - she was stillborn at full term and we believe there was a cord accident that occurred in early labor. It has been almost nine years now (and we have three more beautiful children that we have added to our family), but those wounds are real and are never fully healed. I still think of my Claire just about every day and Kane's situation here has made me think I'm going to go visit her grave this afternoon.

This marks the first time I am happy that Karlsson ended up in San Jose; speaking with others who have been through similar situations is so enormously therapeutic. In all seriousness, I hope that they can all find peace during a very difficult time.
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Nobody should ever have to go through this. Condolences to Kane and his family.
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