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Originally Posted by jayswin View Post
If you're the Flames? Maybe strike any number of good deals in the last 15 ****ing years instead of trying to hardball into the ultimate deal?
This really undermines any argument that there is now urgency.

Originally Posted by Jordan! View Post
The Coyotes are heading to Texas if they move. Zero chance Quebec City gets a team. Team owners want no part of a no growth location.

I have heard there are 3 U.S. locations the NHL is considering before any Canadian option're serious?

It's pretty clear the NHL/owners will tolerate a no-growth scenario if it aligns with broader goals (or if doing otherwise would interfere with those goals).

Market demographics are a bit less important than:
- how much a prospective owner is willing to pay (including relo fee)
- who that owner is (nice try, Mr. Balsillie)
- impact to wider league revenues (TV*, sponsorships/partnerships, etc.)

* we know which TV deals are next...both English and French rights for Canada. I doubt QC would significantly move the needle on either of these deals, but it would certainly be a consideration.

I'll also just leave this here:

Hamilton pumping $500M into the Coliseum area, including a $50M reno to Copps involving Oak View Group. Probably no immediate relevance to the NHL (aside from a future World Cup venue), but there are some interesting puzzle pieces that could eventually start to fit together for a second team in GTA.
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Originally Posted by Strange Brew View Post
Is this true? Hotels, mixed use, stadiums, concert venues...

I feel like most large scale projects have a significant "entertainment" or leisure component, no?
Stadiums and concert venues are rare compared to infrastructure is what I am saying.

Only other Arena for the NHL even proposed right now is Arizona which is a mess.
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Originally Posted by Flames1217 View Post
At some point in time Quebec will get a team back just depends on when Bettman steps down.
QC will never get an NHL team.

They are a minor league city with a great arena. The economics, language and realities of NHL in the 21st century are factors that they will never overcome.
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