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Default Realtor for New Homes?

I was wondering what are the benefits of using a Realtor when building a new home?

What are the cons?
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Travis Munroe
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There are no costs to you as a buyer to use a realtor with a new home build. I really do not see any disadvantages while the advantages can be in negotiating a price or extras being thrown in.
Most people are capable of negotiating a price but some just don't feel comftorable doing it. The more I work with a builder the more reputable I become with them which can also help out in passing savings onto my clients.
Pm me if you want some more info!
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What kind of commission do the builders offer on new homes? Is it the same 7/3 as with previously owned homes?
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Originally Posted by Clarkey View Post
What kind of commission do the builders offer on new homes? Is it the same 7/3 as with previously owned homes?
It's not usually a case of the selling agent paying the buyers agent like resale. As an agent who does a lot of development sales, getting 3.5/1.5 would be way too easy; I'd have that on 35 sales in the last 2 months

Developers pay out to buyers agents directly (usually 3.5/1.5), and the selling agent (or unlicensed salesperson) gets a flat rate per deal, or a different percentage.
Usually the selling agent is paid the same regardless of whether you as a buyer come with an agent or not, so they're not motivated to try and cut out the buyers agent and double-end the deal.
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