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Jiri Hrdina
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Default Draft Re-caps

Use this thread to re-cap your draft and how you feel about it.

Here's the Wild re-cap.

#8 - Quinn Hughes.
I felt that I'd be choosing between Evan Bouchard and Noah Dobson here, with an outside chance that Wahlmstrom would also drop. I had also been considering drafting Kotkaniemi who seems to be getting a late push. I didn't really consider Hughes a possibility here who I had solidly in #5 on my list. So pleased to see him drop. We see him as a tremendous offensive dman in the future

#9 - Oliver Wahlmstrom.
Had said if Dobson was available here I would take him, but with Hughes a surprise at 8, Wahlmstrom was still sitting there too, and I liked the idea of drafting a F and a D with these two top 10 picks. I had Wahlmstrom 6 on my board, after moving Boqvist down my list. We see him as one of the most offensive forward in the draft

#15 - Grigori Denisenko
Looking at my board I was hoping one of Veleno or Farabee would drop, or perhaps even Hayton. But I could see that the way things could easily fall is that the guy who would be there for me was Wilde. I had him officially 15 on my list, but also flagged as someone I just didn't want. So then it became a choice between Kupari, Kravtsov or Grigori. I think Grigori is a reach here and could go in the 20s, but I like his aggression and upside. And I've done well in the past with Russians.

# 24 - Ryan Merkley
Had a few guys in mind here, including Merkley but also Bokk - who would go a few spots ahead. So with him off the board I take a home run swing with Merkley who has some of the most upside in the entire draft but also the most risk. Could easily see him tumble huge in the NHL draft, but if that's the case I'll hang on to him and see if he sorts himself out. I'm happy to get a guy with this ceiling here

#25 Ty Dellandra.
This pick came down to Dellandra or Miller but Dellandra has also been moving up the lists and shows a lot of strong offensive attributes. Officially I had him going 29 but moved him up over guys I feel don't have upside

#30 Akil Thomas
Didn't want this guy but had him scored at 22 on my list, with a flag not to take him. But with him available at 30 it seems like simply too much value to pass up.

#35 Jacob Olofsson
At this point in the draft it seems like a lot of the forwards lack upside offensively but Olofsson is a guy that some feel has some untapped potential in that regard. Had him slotted around 30 so this seemed like a good place to take him. Was also considering Addison here but decided to risk seeing if he would drop to me in the 40s

#44 Cale Addison
And he did. Really happy about this pick as I think this kid has huge upside. Comparisons to Letang excite me.

#46 Filip Hallander
Another guy I didn't really want but noted that Button has him ranked #21 and he knows more than me so...

Later picks

#64 Nicolas Beaudin - surprised he was available here. Had him #42 on my list.
#78 Matej Pekar - had him tagged as a riser and this seemed like the chance to take him.
#90 Ivan Morozov - picked a guy already gone here so had to scramble. Very flawed player but with high ceiling
#96 Olof Lindbolm - I like to grab one goalie at least and this was the best left
#118 Niklai Kovalenko - Sun of the former NHLer has been getting a bit of attention on some lists. Could see him going higher or much lower or not at all

Fun draft and we got through in under 3 hours. Great work by everyone

Players will be added to roster pages in the coming days
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All my picks were later on

Pick 81 - Riley Sutter,
Pick 87 - Axel Andersson
Pick 98 - Curtis Douglas
Pick 99 - Dmitry Zavgorodity
Pick 109 - Oskar Back
Pick 131 - Keegan Karki
Pick 137 - Adam Samuelsson

This year I used Hockey news, Bob McKenzie and Craig Buttons picks as reference

With my first pick I would have selected Flip Johansson, however he was pick at 80
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son of looooob
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Oilers drafted Sampo Ranta at 39. Seen him go everywhere from the 1st to the 3rd round, probably one of the bigger wildcards, hoping to strike out
Edmonton Oilers GM CPHL
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Uncle Chester
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Buffalo had two picks - 58 & 60

58 - Blake McLaughlin - FC had him rated in the 90s but everywhere else that I read up on him really liked him at anywhere from 25 - 55. His detractors mainly site his inconsistency but they all agree that when 'on' his game, he's a problem. Leaving the USHL for University of Minnesota next year.

60 - Cam Hillis - I was quite surprised I could get him at 60. Fc had him in the 40s as did most publications that I studied. He's generally projected to be a middle 6 forward and I can't ask for much more than that with #60

I'm happy with these two guys. Next year I'd like to stock up but this year I just didn't have the room.
Be better.
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43 - Jonathan Tychonik D - Smaller offensive d-man going to a college that has sent some great guys to the NHL in UND

57 - Philipp Kurashev C - Decent size quick Swiss born player, hard working, not elite skill, but seems like a safe pick.

77 - Niklas Nordgren RW - A small finish winger who has been great in every league and tournament he played in. Some say his skating was average, while others have said it has improved. Led the U18's with 8 goals.

84 - Luka Burzan C - Non stop motor and fan favourite are used to describe him. 200 foot player who seems to be a late bloomer, long term project, but worth the chance.

106 - Jack Perbix C - Bit of a reach but the 4 guys I wanted all disappeared right before so was scrambling a bit. Youngest player in the draft, recent growth spurt, played high school hockey. Sound familiar? He's no 6'5 Janko, but has good skill and work ethic. Again worth the chance at this stage.
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#2- Andrei Svechnikov. This was a given. I traded Kuznetsov who is only making 6mill and coming off a 82 point NHL season and a trip to the CPHL finals to grab Svechnikov here. I think this kid will be an elite scorer really soon.

#26 - K'Andre Miller - This was the target at this pick. I knew he may or may not be here as the draft is very muddled in terms of who should go where and I had a few players I would be happy with but right from the start Miller was the traget. I see him as a boom or bust ith huge upside.

#40 - Jay O'Brien - I really liked O'Brien. Foudy was my target here but he went to the Canes at 33. That made me focus in on O'Brien who I think has a high ceiling if he can fulfill his potential.

#47- Jakub Lauko - we had it narrowed down between Lauko and Marchenko. We stuck with Lauko because he was a safer pick and I liked his work ethic. I also thought Marchenko would slip to 54.

#54 - Jack McBain- don't get me wrong we wanted McBain. But I thought I would land Marchenko here for sure. That was not the case. The Leafs stepped up at 53 and took Marchenko, leaving us with our 2nd choice who was McBain.

#110 - Ruslan Iskhakov - We once again had our eye on another player. Martin Fehervary was set to become a Pen until once again at 107 the Leafs stepped up and grabbed him. This left us with our second choice who is high reward pick at the 110 spot. We have seen some mocks with Iskhakov in the top 30. So he will be fun to watch on NHL draft day.

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#3 - Jesperi Kotkaniemi (C)
I don't think many have him in a top 5, let alone top 3. Let's be honest here: Neither did I, until last night.
In a perfect world, the Habs take him at 3. Then Goffie runs over with Svechnikov for a swap, we both get who we want and the world returns to how it should be. Dare to dream!!!
Slim chance? Indeed. Worst case: We end up with the top rated C in this draft. His stock has been rising quickly, as of late, and the more we read, the more we like him. As long as he doesn't somehow slip to the Oilers, we'll be elated.

#20 - Vitali Kravtsov (RW)
I thought Kravstov would go around 15-18. Super happy to see the KHL's rookie of the year was able to find a way into our organization. If this kid improves his defensive game, I thin the future will be super bright. Surprisingly, he was the only Russian I chose this year.

#31 - Nils Lundkvist (D)
Didn't love this guy, but having him still available at 31 meant I had to take him.

#36 - Jared McIsaac (D)
Not gonna lie...didn't love this pick either, but needed another D in the cupboard and thought he was the BPA at the time.

#51 - Lukas Dostal - There was a higher ranked goalie available, but we're hoping this highest rated European goalie turns into Hasek 2.0.

#55 Jan Jenik
One article I read said he was "A Tiger Cub waiting to roar"
That's far cry from an eagle ready to fly, but it's good enough for me.

#56 Blade Jenkins
The guys name is freaking BLADE! Enough said.

#62 Justus Annunen - Had I not been at work and/or thought of this earlier, I would've traded way down to get this guy as I don't think he cracks the top 100. I'm not a huge fan of taking goalies so early either, but we needed to restock the cupboards. I know it's you-stus, but will forever be Justice to me. Here's hoping this magic bean flourishes.

I wasn't able to go crazy with research this year and wish I had looked more into some 2nds and 3rds, but we're happy to roll the dice with what we acquired.
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Hanna Sniper
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The 2018 Carolina Hurricanes Draft

This season a the Canes put a heavy stock in their armature scouting staff in hopes to rebuild the decade struggling franchise. With a new head scout and a new team philosophy, the Canes began to reshape the franchise

1st Round
#10 Noah Dobson
The Canes were praying that Bouchard would fall in the CPHL draft, they hoped hype behind Hughes and Dobson would have leapfrogged the rearguards and had Bouchard fall to the Canes. Luck would not have it, but drafting Noah Dobson was the impact defender the Canes were hoping for

#11 Barrett Hayton
Embarrassing, the canes forgot they had the 11 pick and was so happy to have drafted Dobson that they ended up stalling draft waiting for whoever had 11 to pick. Doh! The Canes originally had Hayton slotted for the 14th selection, but in a panic, we selected the two-way center. We desperately wanted Hayton since mid-season and was hoping that his play would be overshadowed in the Soo enough for him to become a Cane

#14 Ty Smith
Smith ended up being a follow-up pick to the Dobson selection. We were taking advantage of our draft position to secure our defence for the future. Also, just simply the best player available on our list even though I expect to see him fall in the NHL draft next weekend.

#18 Ryan McLeod
Like Hayton, the Canes were on the McLeod train since last year. We were expecting the center to be drafted in the late first but was afraid to try and trade down to select him in what would be a more fitting position. I ended up just drafting higher then I should just to secure him. The thought of coming out of the draft with Hayton and McLeod as a 1 2 down the middle was too hard to avoid.

2nd Round
#29 Martin Kaut
Once again the Canes were in the BPA mindset after Berggren, Lundestrom and Dellandra were no longer on the board due to first-round selections. I will admit I know nothing about Kaut and I'm not going to act like I do, but I pulled the trigger on him so I can still take credit if he hits

#33 Liam Foudy
Foudy has been a player that the Canes scouts have been drooling over. It wasn't a case of would he be a Canes but rather how high were the Canes going to take him because they were afraid to lose him. 33 was our number that we were not going to let him fall below

#37 Aidan Dudas
Dudas was a mistake, he was someone that we had pegged to select if he began to fall in the 2nd round and select in the 3rd. Once the Flyers selected Jared McIsaac the pick before us; it set our draft table into a scramble. Hopefully, he can continue his scoring ways and make the Canes look better for the selection then we deserve

#41 Allan McShane
Back on pace with the McShane selection. It was a tough choice between him and Calen Addison, who happened to be selected two spots later.

3rd Round
#65 Alec Regula
Being a heavy D draft, we figured why not go all in and draft Regula in hopes to possible cement our D Core for years to come. With his skating, size and two-way game I don't think there's a lot of risks involved with Regula when it comes to transitioning his game to the next level

#67 Johnny Gruden
Gruden was the last of the targeted players for the Canes, along with Foudy it was just a matter of how high would he be selected. He's an analytics sweetheart and the Canes will willing to dabble in it enough to see out it plays out. Plus being the son of the coach for the Hamilton Bulldogs didn't hurt either

Remaining Picks
#89 Pavel Gogolev
#102 Gabriel Fortier
#121 Semyon Der-Arguchintsev
#138 David Levin
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The Flames theme coming into the draft was, If you cant beat em in the alleys, shoot em in the streets! A bloodbath it was as the Flames took a shot at 24 prospects!

Round 1

Rasmus Sandin D. Picked up this pick from TBay just before the draft. Our scouts thought it was Matts Sundin, nonetheless we are thrilled to have picked up Sandin in the 23 spot. We had him ranked in the teens. Sandin is a well rounded smart dmanthat will help the Flames for years...and years.
Jett Woo D. An elite skater we thought would go earlier as well. Besides an awesome name Jett is an explosive player that will help the flames for years...and years.

Round 2
Jake Wise C. A sleeper. Not that he cant get out of bed, he is a very smart centre that has great speed and agility. He is slated to be a Flame for years... and years.
Vladislav Kotkov LW. A case of falling Russians? We think so. A big 6-5 strong skating winger is just what the Flames need for years...and years.

Round 3
Alexis Gravel G. Gravel for a goalie! You bet, forwards from opposing teams will grind to a halt anywhere near his crease. A big 6-3 he has ideal size and we think he will be a Flame for years...and years.

Olivier Rodgrigue G. The Flames wanted to ensure we had insurance in the case Gravel turned to pea. Olivier was the man we targetted because he sounds like an actor and plays just as composed. We actually think he was a steal at this position.
Riley Damiani C. Everyone needs a good Italian on theor roster, right? Besides that he is on my fave junior team the Kitchener Rangers and wow can he skate. He will surprise for years...and years.
Jakub Skarek G. The Flames scouts started to worry wehatmight happen if both Rodrigue and Gravel failed and quickly picked up Jakub Skarek from Czech. We hope he plays like Dom Hasek or he will be traded. Another big goalie at 6-3, he makes things look easy...he better, for years...and years.
Nikita Rtishchev RW. You pronounce it, we cant! We did need a RW though and Nikki was a faller we were more than happy to grab at 79. We had him ranked in the high 40s. Great speed and very deceptive. We think he will be here for years...and years.
Anderson MacDonald LW. We thought it was Lanny's son. We found out it was Anderson Cooper's lover. Regardless, he is another faller in our minds, a prototypical big LW and power forward. Were sure he will patrol LW for years...and years.
Xavier Bernard D. The case of the multiple Xaviers...both with the Flames. A BIG dmanthat can skate and defend. Thats great considering he plays defence...for years and years.

The month by monthers 4th and 5th rounds

85 - Cole Fonstad
92 - Nando Eggenberger
93 - Egor Sokolov
95 - Carson Focht
97 - Paul Cotter
101 - Santeri Salmela
104 - Curtis Hall
108 - Ryan Chyzowski
124 - Filip Kral
127 - Merrick Rippon
129 - Xavier Bouchard
134 - Adam Liska
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Kings Recap

#3 Filip ZADINA
had to get some high end offense with this pick, somehow Johnduke forgot how to count so? maybe i should put #4.

#28 Serron NOEL
Big kid at 17, has some small issues as being a tad uncoordinated. But a big kid with skill that can skate.

#32 Alexander ALEXEEYEV
Another big guy with some mobility lower offensive potential but could potentially be a #3 guy with PK time

#88 Ryan O'Reilly
I pretty much got this guy because i have the first one. I couldn't not do it. Had mono and missed some time so looking for a big of a bounce back

#116 Dennis Busby
Missed a ton of time this year with a broken collarbone, then rebroke it after 2 games. Definitely a high risk, but was going to be closer to a 2nd round pick at the start of the year.
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The Wings finished with just 2 picks in the draft, as most of you know, this is the part of the game I like the least, I don't have the patience to see these picks through. My goal was to draft 2 forwards as the previous GMs have a bunch of blueline prospects on the Wings.

In the first round I wanted one of Jesperi Kotkaniemi, Grigori Denisenko or Rasmus Kupari. At 16 only Kupari was left so that made it easy. Based on what I read about him, he seems like a kid who is likely a top 6 forward with great speed who is aggressive in the offensive zone.

In round two, I wanted another forward but there was a defenseman who started to jump out at me but Jiri took him too. So, at 50 I took Riley Stotts from the Hitmen, everyone knows I love WHL kids. Stotts is another excellent skater with a really good shot, probably a middle 6 forward.

As I said in the chat during the draft, in all my years playing this game, I really believe this is the first time I have actually made more than 1 pick in a draft. Kinda sad actually.

My picks are fairly safe picks, good prospects to move forward with.

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First round-bust
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We drafted exactly zero players. Yay?
Originally Posted by Ashasx View Post
donald macdonald
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The Rangers had seven picks in the later rounds.

#71 D Adam Ginning
Swedish defenseman that's been ranked in the 2nd round on most lists (Button has him at 34), so I feel I could have got some value here. Has already 40 SHL games to his name and was Swedens captain at the U18 WJC this year.

#73 C/W Jack Drury
Another name I've consistently seen in the 2nd or 3rd round (Button has him at 37). Son of Ted Drury, he's played well in the USHL and is now committed to Harvard, which probably makes him more of a long-term project.

#74 RW Albin Eriksson
And another one that's high on Buttons list (#36). Not your prototypical Swedish finesse winger, but a big scoring winger (6'4 and 205) who also had a ton of PIM in the SuperElit. Also played 17 SHL games this year.

#76 D Ty Emberson

Really liked this kid when reading up on him. Decent size and production for the US National Development team and wore an "A" at the Ivan Hlinka tournament. Committed to the University of Wisconsin.

#100 D Declan Chisholm
Wanted another defenseman and Chisholm has been consistently ranked between 80 and 100 on most lists. Limited by a shoulder injury this past season, but still decent production for the Petes and solid tools to work with.

#105 C/W Tyler Madden

Another son of a former NHLer and also another long-term project who will benefit from going to college. Madden had decent numbers in the USHL, but will have to bulk up and work on his all-around game. Committed to Northeastern University.

#114 C Matthew Struthers

Maybe reached a little bit here, but figured he's worth a punt at this point. Had good numbers after being traded to North Bay and has decent size, so who knows.

Overall I think I did okay. Hope one or two of my 3rd rounders slide into the 2nd next week.
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Vancouver only had 2 draft picks this year.

#5 LW Brady Tkachuk
The younger brother of Matthew, he's described as bigger, stronger and meaner. Doesn't quite have the stats his brother did in his draft year but plays the same style of game. He's someone who could potentially step in to the lineup next year.

#17 D Bode Wilde
6.02 defensemen who can skate, he's described as a 2-way d-man with good offense. We had him at #16 on our list so happy to take him with the 17th overall pick. We also liked taking both a forward and a defensemen with our picks.
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#7 - Adam Boqvist
Was really torn here between Boqvist and Hughes as they are very comparable players being offensive defensmen. Boqvist is 10 months younger which will hopefully mean he'll be ahead when the development evens out.

#38 - Mattias Samuelsson
Swedish/American 6'4 defenseman has some decent offensive ability but needs a little skating work, will be going NCAA this year so likely a long term prospect.

#52 - David Gustafsson (another Swede!)
Played the whole season in the Swedish Elite League at 18 which is always a good sign. Doesn't have a ton of flash but a strong defensive center.

#66 - Slava Demin
More a defensive defenseman who will be going the NCAA route this season, another longer term prospect.

#94 - Jachym Kondelik
Honestly at this point in the draft he was ranked around here in most rankings and I figured why not take a chance on I'm guessing the biggest kid in the draft at 6'7.

#103 - Jordan Harris
On his way to the NCAA out of boarding school, maybe he'll go the Jankowski route.

#122 - Egor Zamula
I don't really care for Russians but this far down who really cares, played in the WHL this year so might stick around.
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something else haha
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Going into the draft I was praying Farabee would somehow fall to 19 for me. He was the guy I was trying to move up but I wasn't able to find a willing trade partner.

My next hopeful was Rasmus Kupari who went 3 picks before I was hopeful to take him.

My targets were: Farabee (unlikely), Kupari (hopeful), Lundstrom (success), Bokk (success), Macleod (taken before I could have)

19 - Isac Lundstrom
A pretty safe pick. Projected to be a 3rd line C and hopeful to be better than that. A great skater who has been praised as one of the best two way forwards in the draft.

21 - Dominik Bokk
Maybe a bit high for him but nobody in the 20-30 range really stood out to me. A bit of a wild card in the draft as I have seen him projected anywhere from 12 - 31. Some rankings such as Pronman (Pronman - I know, take it with a grain of salt) has him at #8.

22 - Jonatan Berggren
It was between Berggren and Merkley for me here. I went with Berggren here because of his U-18 performance. Putting up 17 more points than second place on his U20 team also stood out to me. Should be a full timer on his SHL team next season. Great skater and hard worker but seems to really struggle against physical teams. If I could do a re-do I probably would have taken Merkley here just for the higher risk higher reward projection.

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53 - Kirill Marchenko
The Leafs GM (at the many protests of his wife) spent an exorbitant amount of money flying to Russia to scout this player, and had him ranked in the top 20, so were pleasantly suprised to see him fall to us at #53. The Leafs GM may have planted a rumour that he sells drugs to kids. Like Steve Yzerman with Kucherov, the Leafs do not shy away from Russian players because the KHL might be a threat. At 6'3 as a 17-year-old, his size and skill are intriguing. When he fills out, he may be a steal.

107 - Martin Fehervary

Another guy who went later than I thought he would, and I think will play in the NHL, so at this stage, why not? There have been many great players named Martin in league history, such as Brodeur.... and so on. It's also worth noting that Goff wanted both Marchenko and Fehervary, so even if they both end up homeless bums, causing Goff even the briefest moment of disappointment was worth it.

115 - Marcus Westfalt

The Leafs feel nobody is more prepared to step onto a bigger stage than young players who compete in the Swedish Elite League. I was ecstatic to get this future superstar with the 115th pick. Gretzky's records are in serious jeopardy.

120 - Giovanni Vallati

What more can be said about this guy? On the top of everyone's boards, he fell drastically after his family's frozen pizza business' horrendous scandal in 2016. To me, Italian sausage is Italian sausage, regardless of what animal is actually used. It's all about the spices. The Leafs figure to slot him into the top pairing by December.

I don't want my phone blowing up with fans and well-wishers congratulating me on my amazing draft, so let's all take a moment of silence to appreciate the hard work and tactical genius that went into these picks.............

Thank you!
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Hanna Sniper
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I wish I would have made the Fehervary/ Brodeur connection, don't know how I missed that
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Originally Posted by Hanna Sniper View Post
I wish I would have made the Fehervary/ Brodeur connection, don't know how I missed that
You win too! You got Martin Kaut
Edmonton Oilers GM CPHL
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Habs brass enjoy the draft and were disappointed to only have one pick in the 1st & 2nd rounds. Two in the 3rd and Two in the 5th.

In previous years, the Habs had multiple 1st and 2nd rounders- so it was a slower draft day but enjoyable all the same.

The draft week kicked off by trading the 2nd overall to the Pens for Kuznetsov. It wasnt that difficult of a trade to make, as Kuznetsov is on a good contract for the next 2 seasons and should have a solid rerate. We would have loved to draft Svechnikov, but we like the immediate impact Kuznetsov will bring.

The Habs picks goes as follows:

13th- Joel Farabee- Captain of the USNTDP, who is an excellant skater with a great work ethic. One poll had him 2nd in the draft for top playmaker (behind McShane) and 2nd in hockey sense (behind Dalhin) and 5th as top goal scorers.

With that said, the Habs had a list of 13 players, one of which we were guarenteed- Farabee was the only player remaining, as our first twelve were already off the board. Farabee is a Boston Unuversity commit, so he will take a while before making his CPHL impact.

41st - Jacob Bernard-Docker- Right-handed puck-moving defenseman in the AJHL. Excellent skater with a hard, accurate shot and great vision and offensive instints. JBD has committed to University of North Dakota, and will look to add some strength.

It was between JBD and Jonny Tychonick at this pick. Ultimately went with JBD because the Jake Gardiner comparison to Tychonick, scared the s*** outta us. Will be interesting to follow, as Tychonick also committed to University of North Dakota

69th- Milos Roman- One of the top scoring rookies in the WHL. Played less than 40 games but was at a point-per-game pace during the playoffs.

Milos will probably go later in the NHL but I decided to take him at 69, as cheese was frightening us with his picks.

80th- Filip Johansson- Filip wasnt someone who interested us but at 80 and still on the board, we had to grab him. He is described as a mobile two-way defenseman with a good shot. We think he will go earlier than 80 in NHL draft.

125th- Alexander Romanov- Smaller defenseman with offensive upside. At 125 we will take a gamble. Hopefully he gets drafted into NHL.

140th- Mr. Irrelevant- Wyatte Wylie- Last pick of the draft we chose the riser. He wasnt on anyones radar at beginning of season, but slowly climbed. Probably will not get drafted in NHL, but figured we would roll the dice.

Thanks to all, especially Jiri, for the smooth draft.

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