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Hi Inglewood fan,

My background = HT enthusiast (and I do this for a living ).

A couple points:

Epson are nice projectors - good choice.

Screen size is good, three feet for speakers is a little tight but should be fine.

The match up (timbre matching) is not really that important for surrounds (fronts - it can be noticeable).

I have done two subs in a HT room and it helps smooth out the bass. They were the exact same models so I am less sure how well it will work for you but no harm in trying.

Placement is important (there are a lot of moving parts in figuring this out). General rule is to have one sub 1/4 point on front (screen) wall so in your case 4'. The second on the halfway point of the opposite sidewall (ie 16.5'). So left side on front wall with right side wall or vice versa.
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Question for the AV geniuses out there.

I have speakers wired in my home in both the downstairs and the upstairs bonus room. Each set of speakers systems has its outlets to hook up to a stereo/home system. Currently, I have a stereo/amplifier downstairs and a Home theater system in the bonus room upstairs.

Wondering if there is a way to hook both speaker systems to one source, preferably without wiring. Is there something like an audio signal repeater or something, idk.

All help is appreciated.
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