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Originally Posted by Street Pharmacist View Post
1. Goaltending - big gamble on a 35 year old that based on how goalies performance declines with age is risky. He's had some bad years recently so I'm hoping for a rebirth instead of a fall back

2. Third pairing - Michael Stone is an expensive number 5 that I'm not convinced it's much better than replacement level guys like Wotherspoon. Having said that, we just had a few years with below replacement level so it could work out well. Please forget Bartkowski exists. Please

3. The Start - need a better start from the big forwards. The depth is there in the forward ranks assuming Bennett takes a step. Can't afford to be a 3M line only team for the first month

I agree. Especially with the concern about the start of the season. A slow start hurt this team two years in a row. That to me is the biggest question next to net minding. Can the Flames win games in the first week.
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Originally Posted by HarryH93 View Post
In no particular order:

1) Goaltending - will we finally get that solid, consistent goaltending this year?
2) Sam Bennett - what will his numbers look like this season, is he finally going to have a breakout year?
3) Hamonic - Is he going to start off well, or are his first few months going to look like Hamiltons?
For #2, it depends on his linemates and how much ice time and PP time he gets.
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