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Suspended the remainder of the first round.

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Originally Posted by ynwa03 View Post
Doesn't really answer the question, but judging by the first line i think i have my answer lol

It's all dependent on who does the hitting and who is being hit to you. You don't like Kadri personally, therefore he's a 'bad guy.'
Kadri's been suspended five times for targeting an opponent's head. Tkachuk's been suspended once for a similar play. His other two suspensions were for being a #### disturber, both times for jabbing a guy with his stick. To me, there's a major difference between trying to get under guys' skin, and actively trying to injure them. Kadri has a lengthy history of trying to injure guys. If Tkachuk picks up another few suspensions then he deserves to be lumped in with Kadri.
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Player will remain suspended until the hearing. Perhaps a loophole to suspend him only for the remainder of this series tobprevent a poip show
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Originally Posted by nixon45 View Post
Suspended the remainder of the first round.

I think thats the right punishment. 2-5 games with no carryover to the regular season since Kadri will be golfing in 3.
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Originally Posted by ynwa03 View Post
Honestly not goading anyone. My post was in response to post 93.
But why bring Tkachuk into this? You are assuming that the vitriol directed toward Kadri is also tied to his place on the Totonto Maple Leafs roster, while simultaneously dodging the expressed concern about how his on-ice actions are frequently dangerous. It's disingenuous to draw the analogy you have in the first place on the basis of the content of post #93 to which you responded.
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Originally Posted by ynwa03 View Post
What are your thoughts on Matthew Tkachuk? Is he also a bad guy, or he's OK because he plays for the Flames?
This is just really bad trolling.

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