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Originally Posted by IceBergYYC View Post
really hoping this is true

Nevermind, sounds like itís just Away games. Not All-Access, the other guy mixed up the Freeview Activation as the actual subscription I had.

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Originally Posted by D as in David View Post
Maybe it's a lifestyle thing for Bishop. Also, don't the Euro leagues provide free housing or is that a thing of the past?
Lifestyle thing for sure. Plus, I think some players just think it would be fun to play a bigger role. Playing on a farm team once your likelihood to ever make the NHL is over, doesn't seem very fun as compared to being on a premiere team, even if it isn't the NHL.

My wife's stepbrother played pro hockey in Germany and Italy, as well as in the AHL. I remember him saying that practically all his expenses were taken care of. I don't know if it depends on the team or if it is a league thing though.
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No mention of any Bishop player transaction on the usual sites..
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bakersfield is no good

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