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Default Recommend me a TV

I'm not sure if this is possible or not.

I'm looking for a 32" - 42" with better sound than the pos Dynex currently taking up wall space. It's not too bad a picture, but the sound makes ears bleed and I'm wondering if there's anything out there in this size that actually has decent sound?

This would be for living room, not entertainment room, so in other words it's for my wife. I know she's not interested in turning it into a home theater area, or even using a soundbar, so please don't suggest that!
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I typically like for their reviews because they are quite objective and in-depth. is what they recommend in the 40-43 inch range for overall quality. isn't far behind for significantly cheaper.
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If you’re happy with your picture quality and just looking for better sound, why not just add a sound bar? Couple hundred dollars would make an enormous difference and sound better than any TV speakers would sound. For under $300, I would recommend the LG SJ3. Very impressive quality. Can be found on sale for $200 at times.
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