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Originally Posted by Regorium View Post
I quit because of the legendary grind. I'm so much happier for it.

They are doing an excellent job of keeping people subbed though, even if it's the most ridiculous reasons like time gating a mount behind 12 weeks of missions.

Seems like 7.2.5 just continues to add various pieces to the grind, which is great for some players, but just awful for others.
I have ten legendaries now I think. And a crapton of AH sales today apparently.
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Originally Posted by chemgear View Post
I have ten legendaries now I think. And a crapton of AH sales today apparently.
I mean this is probably about the time I would've been fine.

I had 7 about 3 or 4 months ago and didn't have my top 2. At the pace I was going (burn-out pace) I was getting a legendary every 3 weeks, and I've heard that they've drastically increased the drop rate once again.

Made a deal with myself that if I got one more garbage legendary, I'd quit. I was going to link my armory to show literally my last action ever in the game of world of warcraft was get a legendary, but it seems like they've updated the armory at some point to no longer show recent activity.

I'm glad it's still fun for you guys though! The story looks pretty great.
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I just reactivated my account. I haven't played since 2013. This should be fun.

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