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Default The CPHL Trade Rumours and Speculation Thread


The Habs are engaged in multiple trade talks. However it is said that GM Goffie had to put them all on hold. He was under strict orders from the missus to complete family Christmas decorating tasks. Goffie smartly obliged in order to save all future trade talks.

The Habs offices will be open tonight in about 3 hours and it is expected to be a busy night.

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GM Bagopucks cant believe his eyes when he read that some of the teams ahead of him in the standings are considering looking to next season. Riding high after his first win in CPHL with Capitals was ecstatic and he was telling media sources that they might make the playoffs.

Start the planning the parade.
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Originally Posted by CaptainCrunch View Post
I expect that in two weeks, Scorp is going to go back into the desert and come out scorched by the sun and dehydrated to the point of looking like a piece of three year old Beef Jerky and proclaim that Xenu gave him a vision, that his path to success is all retired players, because experience you know. Then he'll turn into a force ghost and start trade talks by whispering in our heads.

The islanders GM is said to be seriously considering this idea.
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After a flurry of angry trades, StL GM Crunch has cooled considerably on trade talks due to a recent two game winning streak. He also wants to see how Larkin's return in a week effects everything as the Blue's should be really strong down the middle.

However he is still open to some tinkering where he would listen for offers on Eric Haula who's currently in the dog house, and he's like to move Corey Perry's contract as he's curently the 13th forward.

I've also heard rumors that Crunch is a lot happier with his prospect base then he was when he took the job, but would still like to find a way to get a first round or 2nd round pick in this years draft.
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