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Jiri Hrdina
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Default Change to UFA rules

Folks we are going to make a tweak to how teams sign free agents. You'll recall this was being discussed after CBJ drafted that unknown Russian. We want to balance rewarding teams for doing research to uncover gems, with not rewarding only "racing to the keyboard" when something like that happens.

As such the rule going forward is:

If there are multiple bids for a free agent within a 24 hour period, then the player will go to a bid among those teams that have submitted a bid, with the player awarded to the team with the highest guaranteed dollars (term*$*AHL %) per standard CPHL free agents rules.

This applies to any instance where a free agent signs, regardless of whether they are in the system already or not, apart from our off-season batch processes.

If you want to sign a free agent, follow the normal process and send an email to with the player details and if you are signing for 1, 2 or 3 years and the standard corresponding amounts for each term. If no one else submits an email - he is yours. If another team does within 24 hours you will submit new bids against each other.

This also means we will do away with the Free Agent signing thread.

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Jiri Hrdina
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Jon can you also add this to our rules page as a Oct 25 2020 addendum?
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Website is updated.

I still think we should keep the UFA signings thread though. I always like seeing who other teams sign. It would just mean, going forward, we shouldn't post who we sign until they are on our own roster.
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