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Default iPhone internet browser map help?

At the risk of sounding like a geriatric, can anyone help out?

You know how if you search a business or something on your phone, in the search results the address and map are usually included? And if you click on that, it should open the mapping app and be loaded with the address already?

For a long while now, my phone hasn’t done that. Doesn’t matter if it’s Chrome or Safari, Google Maps or apple Maps. Location services are on.

It’s kind of a royal pain. Any help on what to do? Phone is updated to most recent iOS, but it did this under the last several updates as well.

Thank you.
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Works for me on the latest iOS, Safari to Google Maps. So it's not the OS.
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Default iPhone internet browser map help?

I usually search from inside of apple maps if I am looking for a business + address. Is that not working for you?

I also get a list at the top, inside Safari of addresses.
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