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4 year old never really had anything more than a slightly stuffy nose and very mild barking cough for a couple days. A few days after my 4 year old tested positive my 9 year old started complaining of a headache and had a mild fever so I took him and we both got tested (so I could return to work, no symptoms). I came back negative and he of course came back positive. He has been mildly feverish around bedtime for the past few nights and has a pretty wicked cough. He hasn't eaten much but seems to still have a decent amount of energy and the cough is improving. Never any difficulty breathing. My wife's cough got much worse so I suspect it was actually COVID. She did get a bit of fatigue as well. Thank god for vaccines is all I'll say. Pretty fortunate all in all.

I think it's an important PSA to reinforce the notion that some kids show very little symptoms and getting tested is never the worst idea. Had my wife not also been a bit under the weather I'm not sure we would've bothered getting my son tested. His temperature was never really high enough to be considered a fever and his sore throat never developed into anything else. He's had a mild cough since the fires, so that didn't concern us too much either.
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Just found out an ex coworker in Edmonton passed away over the weekend. He had gone repeatedly to hospital late last week not feeling well but nothing was obvious and there was no room to keep him for observation so he was told to go home. He didn't make it back to hospital in time the final time.

Anyone who is not vaccinated by choice can go F themselves.
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My cousin still has some lingering issues with her COVID but gave birth this week to a healthy baby boy who is apparently negative. Her other 2 kids only ever showed mild symptoms and are fine. She named the baby after my dad who died in April.
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