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Default Survivor 26 Online Pool

Invitations have been sent out to everyone who has participated in the past. If you didn't get an invite or would like to participate then PM me your nickname and email address and Ill send you an invite.

There will be no auto picks this year for those who don't get their picks in on a weekly basis.
  • Survivor pools are played in two stages
    • Stage 1 starts when the show starts
      • Pick who you think will be the winner (overall winner - typically worth 2 points * number of contestants)
      • Assign 20 points to who you think will be eliminated each week
      • Receive the points assigned to the player who is eliminated
      • You can change your overall pick anytime (worth 2 points * number of remaining contestants)
    • Stage 2 starts during the last week
      • Assign 40 points to who you think will win
      • Receive the points assigned to the winner of Survivor
      • Receive overall winner points (1st, 2nd and 3rd place points are given)
    • All stages (Optional)
      • Answer bonus questions for additional points
      • Sample bonus questions:
        • Who wins immunity this week?
        • How many people receive votes during tribal council?
  • Most points wins!
    • Total score = points won each week + bonus points + overall winner points
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