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Looks like Miller might have to live in Russia at some point. Hopefully this will help him learn a thing or several.
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Matt Reeeeead
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I wonder if he’s considered apologizing to the victim and secondly apologizing to everyone for lying about apologizing to the victim.

For me that seems a lot easier than moving to Russia.

Imagine being that stubborn.

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Well, he seems to fit right into the profile of what Bobby Orr is looking for. Maybe he can sign with him and continue in his ways.

Yes. This is over the top. Yes, this is sort of the wrong thread. But actually, If Bobby can endorse Trump, he can endorse the actions of this kid too. The kid's actions pale in comparison so we can expect Bobby's endorsement any day now.

Man, I am disappointed by Bobby endorsing King Orange Dip####.
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It's like losing a game of tic-tac-toe to a lobotomized chicken.
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