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Default Looking Towards Paris 2024 and Beyond

What was everyoneís favourite moment of the games? For me it was Maggie MacNeilís Gold or the CANWNT Gold Medal win.

What are you most looking forward to?

Whatís your biggest question or concern? For me it is the Canadian basketball program. There is no reason that Canada should not be qualifying for the Olympic Menís basketball tournament.
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The Oilers are very close on becoming a powerhouse team.
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The CANWNT run is probably it for me but Warner winning the decathlon is up there. 2024 looking forward to see if the swimming and track success continues. Good call on the basketball teams. With the talent this country has they should be qualifying.

Main concern I suppose (and this probably isn’t fair) is that we seem to have highly ranked competitors that don’t always come through. Not to single out Pavan/Melissa but being the number 1 ranked team and not making at least the semis was very disappointing. Or Klimkait being ranked 1 but losing on a brain fart. I realize anything can happen at the Olympics but results are being left on the table at times.

Overall though our athletes seem to be achieving more and more which is a great sign for the future.
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Soccer win would be my favorite. I'm also a huge fan of rowing eights so a win in that was pretty cool.

Seeing what the swimmers can do in three years is exciting. Maybe turning a couple more golds, potential to end Australian hegemony of the 4x100? Summer McIntosh will still only be 17 but given what she accomplished already helping pull the team to a 4x200m medal. Could be a big year.

The track cyclists also seem to be on a good progression. Building off success from London and Rio.

I have concerns over the Rugby Sevens. Mostly because I think Rugby Canada is an absolute mess and continues to make terrible decisions. Dysfunction is just permeating through the programs at all levels.
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Favourite moment was the CANWNT Gold. Huge to see Christine Sinclair get that Gold.

Canada should have had a team going to the show jumping team round but thanks to Nicole Walker's "cocaine" positive at the Pan Am games in Peru that didn't happen so I hope for 2024 they have a team because historically they have done not bad.
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Favourite moment was De Grasse winning gold in the 200m. Maybe it goes back to Donovan Bailey for me as a lad, but track (especially shorter distances) always resonates the most with me. So glad to see him finally get to the top of the mountain.
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- Any event with Degrasse was a fun watch.
- Warner winning the decathlon
- women’s rowing gold.
- soccer gold
- Volleyball (beach and indoor)
- Skateboarding

I liked all of what I watched really. Good showing by Canada it was a fun games
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For me it's soccer gold and Degrasse winning the 200m.

Sinclair is a legendary athlete so it was pretty magical to see her win it all, especially having to go through the Americans to get there.
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I struggled to really be engaged during these Olympics.

I couldn't get past any Russian Athletes being there, it is clear the IOC is beyond corrupt.

Which is a shame, because there were some exceptional moments at these Olympics (as is usually the case).

Honestly, I hope the IOC look back on the ROC "team" and realize it was ridiculous.
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1. Canadian Women’s National Team gold
2. Canadian Women’s National Team semifinal win (almost put it first)
3. Maggie MacNeil’s gold.
4. Warner’s gold (would be 3rd but it became a forgone conclusion and lacked drama)
5. Women’s 8s gold
6. Laurence Vincent Lapointe medal and post-medal interview
7. Degrasse 200m gold
8. Men’s 4x100m bronze
9. Degrasse 100m bronze
10. Women’s swim team overall performance
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The only things that really caught my interest was Warner, the Women’s soccer team and those high jump guys. I thought that was pretty cool.
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I think the big 3 seem pretty consensus at this point. In the end I"m a big sprints guy so the Degrasse 200 (in the context of his 6 total medals is probably my personal number one) but there are aspects of the Warner and CANWNT that are way up there- those are 3 marquee gold medals

obviously there are amazing stories woven into all 7 golds, and 20+ medals, but several non-medal performances stick out to me
1. Ellie Black- 4th. vault- have to say if she had won any medal at all this would have been right up there with the other 3 for me
2. mens 4x1 freestyle (Hayden et al) 4th- what a story. Hayden is more or less Gios age and every bit as young and fresh
3. women's 4x400 track relay- gave Jamaica a run for bronze. Jamaica
4. Malindi Elmore- Marathon.

I'm glad that gone are the days when Canada has nothing to celebrate but near misses and non-podium finishes, but for some reason for me even in a year with a great record haul some stories stood out- I'm sure there are many more
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Hafnaoui winning the 400 free was pretty cool
Hassan falling in her heat on the last lap and getting up only to win the heat
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Was a weird games for me, because I just couldn't get myself awake for some of the big Canadian moments, and I knew the results before I watched them.

Quan Hongchan's perfect 10s in diving, at 14 though, incredible.
Sky Brown winning a bronze at frickin' 13.
Janja Garnbret destroying the competition in climbing, flashing (finishing on the first attempt) bouldering problems that her competition struggled with.
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