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Default Is the forum a lot slower these days?

Don't know where to post this and I'm not talking about the speed. It seems as if nobody really posts here that much or not as often as before.

Is the forum slowing down? Or is it just me? Is traffic down?
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Not posting on CP? What!?

Yeah, I've noticed this too. The PGT is suuuper dead... though they lost, but even still.
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Late game on a Tuesday before Christmas. Second of a b2b and a bad loss. No shock it was slow.

As for general CP traffic I'm not sure if there are public metrics or only Bingo would know. But anecdotally it seems busy as ever.
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I would have guessed that it was a overall slower due to the team's performance (i.e. winning draws more fans losing people stay away more), but a quick look says that for # of posts, it's increased steadily the past few years.

Number of threads started has gone down but the difference is small enough that it's within the range of statistical noise.
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