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Originally Posted by Oling_Roachinen View Post
This year they are sucking. Last year they are sucking.

However, the previous year they still won the conference before being swept by the surprising Stanley Cup finalist Predators.

That 2016-2017 season had:
Kane making 10.5M
Toews making 10.5M
Seabrook making 6.9M
Crawfood making 6.0M
Keith making 5.5M

That was their core, the same core making the same amount. So what's the real difference?

Probably most notably (outside of the aging core) is trading Panarin for Saad...That wasn't a cap move they ended up making the same amount, that was just a bad trade. Panarin was a PPG player, Saad put up 35 points. Imagine the Flames trading Monahan for Ryan Strome...

Losing Hossa obviously hurt as well.
Saad and Panarin make the same now. But I think the Hawks were worried they couldn't afford him after this season. And that they'd have to trade him at the deadline for much less. I think that's wrong, but it still was a cap issue.
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