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Originally Posted by dissentowner View Post
They are about the size of a medium size bullfrog. About the size of my palm.
So is a video clip forthcoming this evening?
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Tkachuk with those silky mitts.
"Illusions Michael, tricks are something a wh*re does for money ....... or cocaine"
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Originally Posted by Cecil Terwilliger View Post
Mountain time is far and away the best time zone for a fan of NA sports. 7pm and 10pm starts out east on saturdays suck. Games starting at 4pm on the west coast sucks. Our latest start for anything is 830pm.

Football starts at 11am on sundays, we can watch weeknight games like MNF and it’s over at a reasonable time.

It really is the best time zone.
People in the Central time zone could say the same thing on it being the best. Latest start is 9:30 pm, football starts at noon, and SNF/MNF end at a decent time. Gotta agree on the Mon.-Sat. 4pm starts here in BC, not good.
Remember this, TSN stands for Toronto's Sports Network!
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