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Default Small Business Owners - Looking for some input

As part of a cohort with ATB, we're looking at innovative ideas to help our clients, I'd like to get some feedback from our small business/home based business owners in regards to access to expertise. I know that as a small business owner, its not always possible to hire expertise (costs are the most common factor) however, if you had a ONE STOP place to go to in order to access expertise when you needed it, what kind of expertise might you be looking for?
Here are some options for you but please feel free to add others that you don't see here. (mods, if you could set up a poll for me, please)

Social media
Website development/SEO
Cashflow Expertise
Bookkeeping/Accounting services
Human Resources
Customer service/experience
Sales Coaching
Operational advice
Business planning

Your input is greatly appreciated and thank you.
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As a former small business owner with a manufacturing component I would have been most interested in operational help. I never felt we were as efficient as possible and our process was lacking flow. No other categories would have been as important, at least in my case.
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If you are still looking for input on this, I know I am late to this party but being a small business owner in retail we would have looked for the following:

Social Media
Website Development/SEO
Sales Coaching
Operational advice
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