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2K is free to make MLB and NHL games if they wanted to and still don't do it because the games were not profitable enough when they were making them. Crazy too considering there is no MLB game for Xbox.

Really I think part of the problem is the market for the most part is only big enough for one licensed game to be profitable (outside of soccer and NFL football probably).

2k gets NBA, WWE
Sony gets MLB

People like to #### on the EA sports games but for the most part they are putting out decent enough quality games year to year. Madden & FIFA especially tend to get new features each year, really it's just NHL that gets the shaft but to be fair the market for that one is much smaller than the other 2 games.
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Every time this argument comes up I think of the last few years of the NHL 2k series. That's an example of competition making a lot less of an impact than people expect. Those games were the worst.
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Erick Estrada
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Madden is the worst as they update the graphics engine only once per generation. Hell they didn't even add 4K or HDR support for the PS4 Pro or Xbox One S.
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with EA Access, I don't mind getting all of these sports games 6 months after they hit the market. I cannot imagine anyone upgrading these every year, but at $30 per annum for all of them, I can wait.

having said that though, I have bought some of the addons which are pure profit.
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