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Default Seeking Automotive Technicians and Plumbers to serve as mentors

Become a mentor! (scroll to the bottom, there is a link to a PDF with even more details). Mentors do not have to be SAIT alumni - it’s just the most sensible place on the website. Being an immigrant yourself is also not necessary.

Throwaway account as my personal info is in the link; I am a long time poster here and have cleared this with the mods.

Think back in your career - 5 or 10 years ago. Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew then what you know now? You can help someone else better navigate their career path here in Canada.

The ‘mentees’ are awesome, inspiring people. Some are very recent to Canada, others have been here for years. It amazes me how they manage to work multiple jobs, support their families, advance their educations, and find the time for this ESL training. It’s a great program, as it’s designed specifically for the trades, focusing on real-world examples to improve communication in the workplace.

Most of them are already working in their trade, but struggling to advance their careers. Work-ethic, ability, experience, and dedication are not the problem - but language and communication can hold them back. They are all totally conversational in English (though accents are sometimes thick) - it tends to be more technical terms, idioms, and writing skills that hold them back. A big objective of the mentorship program is to expose mentees to other areas in their industry, and build a professional network. Mentors will also have the opportunity to network with other mentors/mentees - but don't worry, these are definitely not typical ‘networking' events!

Time commitment is three evening events in May and June (free food! also free parking at SAIT) and two informal meetings you schedule with your mentee(s). Dates are May 11, June 1 and June 29 (full details in the pdf in the link) - we may look at adjusting the June 29 date as it is close to the long-weekend, so don’t let that deter you; attending all sessions is best, but if you could only make two of them it would be fine.

Please don’t hesitate to post any questions here, or email the address in the link. Please share with anyone you know in the automotive or plumbing trades.

TLDR: Attend a few events, get to know some friendly people, share your career experience, enjoy free food!
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