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Cecil Terwilliger
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I recall people talking about Upgrade a while ago. It got added to crave yesterday.
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I was surprised that I liked this movie as much as I did, but Danny McBride was very good in it as an unbalanced dangerous man facing the loss of his house and how far things spiral out of control.

Well acted, darkly funny.
Passion is the source of our finest moments; the joy of love, the clarity of hatred, and the ecstasy of grief.
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Just got back from Alita: Battle Angel.

I didn't know anything about the source manga, so I was going in cold beyond what I saw in the TV spots.

It was pretty decent. It's clearly an 'origin story' type movie, and driving heavily for sequels. It had some decent action, and didn't seem overlong at 2 hours, though some stuff could have been trimmed out without too much issue.
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Happy Death Day 2U

Highly recommend this one. It adds a lot of depth to the universe and characters and it all works. One of the rare times when the sequel is better than the original. Hard to call it straight up horror at this point but it doesn't matter cause it's so much fun. It knows full well how ridiculous it has become and embraces it, which results in some gut-bustingly funny moments. Jessica Rothe reminds me of a modern day Sarah Michelle Gellar with a bit more emotional range, and this series plays like a modern "I know what you did last summer" but more genre blending and fun.

Alita: Battle Angel

A mix of exciting moments and other moments that are a bit eye-roll-y. Certainly enjoyable overall and intriguing enough to warrant a sequel. A lot of carnage and cyborgs getting diced up into pieces, if that's your thing. It shines when there is action and world exploration, and it gets tedious when the focus is put on some of the flatter characters/villains. Alita being as endearing as she is helps the overall arc though.

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Took my kid to Lego Movie 2. I didn't enjoy it at all... Way too much sensory overload, and I found it was trying too hard. I kind of enjoyed the first one, but this one I did not.
My 4 year old was entertained, but the only thing he remembered from it was the Telus commercial with the Hippo... so nothing memorable.
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Mile 22:

Pretty entertaining movie. Short and sweet. Good popcorn flick.


Good movie but don't really get the point. What was washingtons role? Why introduce a second guy into the whole thing instead of just having the one guy do it? I know it was based on a true story but what could possibly have been accomplished? Also I don't really see the end goal. The whole trump thing at the end sort of left a sour note in our mouths too. Why not just let the story stand on its own?

Very entertaining though. Washington is a great actor I'm surprised he hasn't been in more things. Love him in Ballers as well.

Hunter Killer:

Just a classic entertainment movie. Was great Sunday morning while I was hoping it would warm up to go outside.
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Mary Queen of Scotts and The Favourite are 2 movies I would not recommend.
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