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I'm not an advocate of assisted suicide, but I'm pretty sure that if the Oilers finish behind the Flames this year, or even better the Oilers fall out of the playoffs Lambert will be begging for the needle. The guy is a huge Oilers mark, who only got this writing gig because Yahoo had a bring your moron to work day.
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Originally Posted by Freeway View Post
The challenge for the Flames has been turning the secondary prospects into useful complementary players. Aside from maybe Brodie, if you want to call him "complementary," who have the Flames produced from their system who slots in around their stars?
You can argue that Gio, although was not drafted by the Flames, but spent his entire NHL career developing under the Flames was once just a complimentary player. He graduated from complimentary player to all star player over the years.

Backlund who was also in the complimentary player category was drafted and developed in our system. Like Gio, Backs is now a solid piece of this teams core
It was in.
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