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Default Sony TV Comparison

I have reviewed both tvs on many sites, great reviews for both.. very similar... including sports specific reviews/comments but I would love some expert opinions specifically to hockey! The main difference on these tvs is the refresh rate- 60 vs 120 but based on many reviews, even the 60hz is amazing for sports, no negative reviews, people are saying the motionflow makes up for the 60 vs 120, they have had 120hz tvs not as good as this tv when the motionflow is on, etc etc

$200 usually wouldn't be anything for me but we just bought a house and had our first child at the same time so right now every dollar counts, however, would you say that despite that, the $200 is worth it and there will be a major difference based on the refresh rate difference, all other major specs are the same, processor, size, motion flow, TRILUMINOS ,etc. If you guys feel it would be a huge difference, i will spend the $200 but if its marginal, i would rather save the money based on current scenario of one household full income.

Asking specifically for hockey.. and to a lesser degree sports/movies in general but would appreciate any input! Thanks.

KD65X85J ($1500) vs KD65X80J ( $1300)

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I always swear by rtings reviews:

Sony X85J TV Review 7.5/10
Sony X80J TV Review 6.9/10

Same score for sports but 85J is much better overall.
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The X85J has a much better contrast ratio and brightness. If you're watching any sort of HDR content, it's going to be a better set for that. Also a bit more future proofed with 2 HDMI 2.1 ports (and potential for VRR to come in a firmware update).

I'm not sure how much of a hurry you're in, but Black Friday is also coming up - there may be better sales in the next couple of months on TV sets.
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I have an 65X900F and for the price last year when I bought it, the picture quality is very good. I'd say 120 hz is a must, especially watching sports. I must say, Android TV on the Sony lags a bit, but it honestly shouldn't factor as it's an annoyance in starting up the app. Once you have it opened and watching your TV it doesn't affect the viewing experience. Sony is the way to go for LEDs. For a second tv I went the redflagdeals route and bought into the hype on a $500 TCL sale Costco had. Went through three exchanges and all of them had yellow around the full parameter of the tv. For hockey it was distracting as it was very noticeable, so I eventually just returned that junk. Good that you're going for a Sony - you won't regret the build quality.
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If only we had mega thread...

More photos on Flickr
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