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Originally Posted by TheOnlyBilko View Post
Forgot to mention these jerseys are basically a rip off of last year's NBA all star game. They did The EXACT SAME THING.

Originally Posted by Hemi-Cuda View Post
These new ones will be different though, I'm sure you'll see them at games (hopefully not in the playoffs though), and if this thread is any indication I bet these will be the best selling all-star jerseys by a huge margin. I'm honestly surprised it took this long for the NHL to switch to team personalized jerseys, it's going to make them a lot more money
Yup, I'd wear one to a regular season game in a heartbeat. I've never had a desire to buy an all-star jersey before this one. Agreed it's a huge money maker.

How many people buy the AS jerseys that aren't going to the game on most years? Can't imagine it's a huge seller.

Sadly Fanattic on 16th didn't have them when I went.
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I know lots of people were looking for the All Star jerseys but they have been sold out at the Fanattic online, and via

Adidas just recently added both the white and black versions for the Flames to their website for those still looking.

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