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This discussion starts and ends with Pocket Dawgs.

And the condiments are important. Do not skimp on the condiments.
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Originally Posted by Northendzone View Post
i forgot about winsport, where they take a $5 burger and charge you $9.50.

that is one arena i dislike having to go to. parking is usually terrible, food is overpriced. everything else is really nice though.
Max Bell takes the cake though.

They used to serve simple, but decent, arena food. A few years ago, this group - seems to be a family run thing - took it over, and everything is crap. Bad burgers, bad fries, bad nachos. And it costs twice as much as before. Every year I go to the Macs Midget tournament hoping they are gone. Every year, I am disappointed.

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That plate of poutine in Didsbury is obnoxious. A massive amount for $8.00. Ask for two more forks. Enjoy with friends!

Blackfalds has a great Caesar Wrap.
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If you want to be absolutely despised by the arena staff I recommend as much popcorn as possible, some rinks have it banned in their tenders and for good reason.

Healthy fruit options and such seem like a great idea, but in my experience it's a hard sell in a concession setting. Now a bag of nachos crushed up with beef, cheese, and lettuce eaten with a fork sold pretty well.

As soon as Tim Hortons and other places opened up across the street the concession began to hemorrhage money at my rink. Even the upstairs lounge which has a fantastic cook doesn't appear to do too hot on the surface.
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The old concession at South Fish (it will never be Cardel South to me) used to be awesome. Then it became a Booster Juice (which is fine for drinks but the food sucks) and the other one there is kind of hipster.
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Originally Posted by RinkRat View Post
Now a bag of nachos crushed up with beef, cheese, and lettuce eaten with a fork sold pretty well.
Taco in a Bag.

A classic.
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